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#1 Atomic Clock2007-12-16Demo
Featured atomic clock synchronizer
DS Clock2005-01-04Freeware
Synchronize your time with atomic time server
Express Timesync2005-10-25Shareware
Keep your PC clock accurate with this utility
NTP Time Server Monitor2005-11-15Freeware
Controls a NTP service with userfriendly GUI
12Ghosts Synchronize2005-02-02Shareware
Synchronize your PC time with an atomic clock
TimeSync: adjust the clock of your Computer
SP TimeSync2005-08-11Freeware
High precision atomic clock synchronizer.
Time syncron with timserver ntp
Synchs your system time with time servers.
Atomic Clock Sync2004-06-17Freeware
atomic clock synchronize freeware utility
Synchronize your pc's time with atomic clocks
Atomic PC Clock2004-06-02Shareware
Synchronize Your PC clock with atomic Time!
AtomTime Pro2004-12-03Shareware
AtomTime Pro sets your PC clock.
PresenTense Time Server03/06/07Shareware
Windows Time Server - NTP, SNTP and GPS
1Click Clocksync2005-04-01Freeware
Keep your desktop computer clock accurate.
PC On/Off Time tracking2005-10-11Freeware
tracks the working time on your computer
Advanced Time Synchronizer2009-05-26Shareware
Time synchronization tool.
OnlineTimer Pro2004-02-11Shareware
Visualize the speed of internet connections