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Application As Service2004-07-15Shareware
Run any Application as Service in Windows
Aye Shutdown Lite2003-12-04Shareware
Turn off the computer automatically.
Atomic Launch Tray2005-02-07Shareware
Atomic Launch Tray is a system tray launch pa
Advanced process viewer and security analyzer
Desktop Resetter2005-07-16Shareware
Saves and restores desktop item positions
The ultimate application launcher
Launcher is a personal shortcut manager.
Easy to use but powerful scheduling utility.
Astatix Launcher2005-11-06Shareware
Quick start applications in a single click.
Run any application as Windows Service
Simple Startup Manager2004-11-19Shareware
Startup manager for windows
Chameleon Startup Manager Free Edition2007-07-09Shareware
Windows startup, schedule and task manager
System Tracker2005-01-21Freeware
Show/Describe/Control active processes, free.
Task bar file launcher - saves desktop space.
Apivision QTbar2002-03-01Freeware
Access files and Internet sites from desktop.
SecurDesk! LV2003-02-02Shareware
Replace default desktop with a custom shell.
Automatically launch programs and scripts.
HiBase Task Scheduler2007-12-11Shareware
Advanced repetitive tasks scheduler
AutoRuns a web page or documents on CDs/DVDs
Folder Cruiser Lite2004-08-17Freeware
The power of Windows Explorer from a menu.