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Atomic Asterisk Cracker2005-03-14Shareware
Show the passwords hidden by asterisks.
ActMon Password Recovery XP2005-02-22Shareware
Windows XP Password Recovery
Daboo Password Protector2006-06-25Shareware
Password management emphasizing on security.
Keep It (a) Secret!2002-08-05Freeware
Keep your passwords, userids, etc. secure.
Big Crocodile2005-01-20Shareware
Manage passwords with this effective tool.
Password Recovery Console2005-04-30Commercial
Recover passwords that have been randomized
Private InfoKeeper2006-11-29Shareware
Innovative password management system
EZ Password Secure2004-08-08Shareware
Manage passwords and account in categories
Agile Password Manager2005-06-03Freeware
Simple FREEWARE password manager.
MY KEY RING!2005-07-25Shareware
My Key Ring! The 5 star authors of Ziata!
Password Creator Professional2004-07-08Shareware
Advanced Password Generator
Password Organizer2005-02-26Shareware
Store all of your login information
Windows 7 Password Reset Tool2012-07-31Shareware
Windows 7 Password Reset Tool
Network Password Manager12/04/06Shareware
Password manager for your enterprise.
Truly Random2005-11-18Shareware
Truly Random password and number generator.
SysInfoTools Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery2010-03-01Freeware
SysInfoTools Windows Live Password Recovery
AKeeper is a Personal Password Database
Password Generator2003-10-04Freeware
A utility to generate random passwords.
Securely and efficiently manage passwords
Access Manager2005-04-24Freeware
Fast, easy and secure password management.