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yGen is an html editor and compiler.
Snappy Fax Network Server2004-07-17Shareware
Network Fax Server
Extra Dialer2000-12-20Shareware
Voice messages delivering software
Fax Spider2009-08-25Shareware
Harvest fax numbers, scan for vulnerabilities
Snappy Fax 20002004-08-01Shareware
Send and Receive Faxes from your computer
Fax server software for p.c. networks
Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator2005-04-01Shareware
Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator
Fax Machine2005-08-17Shareware
Turns scanner and modem into fax machine
Fax and voice mail answering system
Complete fax messaging system for your PC
Create, send, receive and manage faxes
VentaFax & Voice05/17/07Shareware
A Color Fax and Answering Machine Software.
NetCFax networked fax system2006-12-31Commercial
Fully networked fax system
RelayFax Server2006-10-17Demo
Powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email server
Easy Fax/Mail Merge to Windows Fax from Word.
VRS Telephone Call Recorder2003-04-14Shareware
Telephone Call (and other) Line Recorder
IdentaFone Pro2004-10-18Shareware
Caller ID logging and notification software.
PhoneWorks Pro2004-06-01Shareware
Voice mail and fax software with OCR
SmartFax Pro2004-06-01Shareware
OCR compatible fax software for MS Outlook
Air Messenger Pro2005-09-30Demo
Fully Featured Alphanumeric Paging Software