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An app to split files into smaller segments
Convenient 1 click screen zoom.
OCR-TextScan 2 Word2004-11-15Demo
Scan paper documents for editing in word.
JR Directory Printer2001-10-01Freeware
Print a listing of every file of folder
Fast file integrity checker. MD5/SFV support.
PDF 2 Word2005-02-20Demo
Convert pdf files into word files.
AutoTyping Pro Edition2004-12-01Shareware
Speed Up Typing And Avoid Spelling Errors
QuicKeys X2005-06-22Demo
QuicKeys - Less working. More living.
Art Directory Print2005-10-20Shareware
Print directory, CD and DVD listings
Easy PDF to Text Converter2004-12-22Freeware
Convert PDF files to Text files.
eIMAGE Recovery2004-05-19Shareware
Software to recover lost photos and images
ROVE FileTracker2003-10-09Shareware
PDF Searcher2004-10-18Shareware
Pdfsearcher searches Pdf files, converts text
Pdf Split Merge Pages2005-05-13Shareware
Pdf Split Merge Pages split, merge pdf images
Hotkeys Buddy2004-05-17Shareware
automatically enters text and launches apps
File/Folder Comparison and Integrity Tool
Intelligent Shutdown2005-10-27Shareware
A powerful shutdown tool.
Finders Keepers2003-01-14Shareware
Search files, replace text, index files too.
Automate with GOFLOW Lite2005-03-20Shareware
GOFLOW Lite allows anyone to automate
Quickly local and remote ShutDown Windows