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Keep your system safe from unauthorized eyes.
PC Security2005-04-18Demo
Computer security program to protect your PC.
Application Blocker2005-05-05Demo
Monitor all PC activity
Access Manager for Windows2013-11-19Shareware
Restrict access to to key features of Windows
PC Locker Pro2005-03-10Freeware
Lock and protect computer when you leave.
A tool to control access to USB, CD-ROM, etc.
Hide Secret Files2006-01-22Shareware
Hide files beyond the reach of any intruder.
Public PC Desktop2013-03-12Shareware
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC
Simple password protection for your computer
Deskman Pro2004-11-26Shareware
Desktop Security Manager
Quick Hide Windows2004-04-17Demo
Instantly hide programs, lock computer
Security Administrator2013-11-14Shareware
Protect your privacy and control access to PC
Easy File Protector2013-11-25Shareware
Password protect files and folders
Access Lock2013-11-21Shareware
Lock your system with a password
hide your working programs and windows.
Data Restore02/10/06Shareware
The ultimate data recovery software around!
1st Security Agent Pro12/03/06Shareware
Restrict access to key features of Windows
Access Administrator Pro05/16/06Shareware
Protect files and folders
Advanced Security Administrator05/16/06Shareware
Protect your privacy and control access to PC
Patent-pending computer security software